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Moving parts on your car or truck that need lubrication

Cars and trucks break, it is just what they do. In more cases than not, you do not know that you need to fix your car until it breaks. Some of these fixes can seem like the smallest thing, that is until you get the bill. Not all of us are mechanics, but these simple lubrication tips will help your moving parts on your car or truck last longer and perform smoother.

10 Minutes | 5 Steps

Step 1: Battery Terminals

Problem: Corrosion causing your car not to start

If your battery terminals become too rusty, it can prevent the battery’s power from following between the cables. In some cases, corrosion can be so severe that replacing the battery, terminals, and cables is necessary; a costly solution.

Prevention: Spraying Boeshield T-9 on your terminals

In order to prevent rust and corrosion, it is important to spray your terminals with Boeshield T-9. This will protect for longer than other brands and prevent costly fixes down the road.

Step 2: Hood Latches

Problem: Hood will not open

If you have run into this problem, you know how frustrating it truly is. Overtime, hood latches can seize up from corrosion, this is extremely cumbersome when trying to get underneath to fix a different problem. Getting it to finally open up can be a grueling process that can be prevented.

Prevention: Spray T-9 on your hood latches and hinges (while your at it)

To keep your latch and hinges from seizing due to corrosion, hit them with a spray of T-9. Not only will this prevent rust from forming, it will lubricate the mechanisms; insuring it operates smoothly.

Step 3: Door Hardware

Problem: Squeaky Door Hinges

There is nothing more annoying in the world than a squeaky door hinge, well maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. Nonetheless, it is an unwelcome sound and something we want to avoid, especially on date night!

Prevention: Apply T-9 on all of your door hardware

A quick spray of T-9 on you door hinges will work wonders and eliminate that pesky squeak.

Step 4: Trunk Hinges

Problem: Truck will not open

This is debatably worse than your hood not opening. Many people use their trunks everyday, not being able to get into them is a big problem. This issue is caused by dirt/road grit, cold weather, or a complete failure of the lock cylinder.

Prevention: Coating trunk lids and Hinges with T-9

In the scenario that your lock cylinder has failed, chances are you are going to need a mechanic. This is another costly and highly preventable fix, spray T-9 on your trunk hinges and lock mechanism to ensure it opens every time.

Step 5: Sunroof Tracks

Problem: Noisy Sunroof

Dirt along with road debris will buildup on your sunroof tracks and cause unwanted noisiness along with other problems. Sunroof repairs are never cheap and prevention is easy.

Prevention: You guessed it, T-9

Make sure to begin by cleaning off your sunroof tracks using a degreaser, such as Simple Green. Next, lubricate the inner lip of the sliding rails to maintain a smoothly gliding sunroof. This is done by using a rag or paper towel with T-9 soaked into it and applying along the tracks.

Boeshield T-9 can also be used on your car or truck for:

  • Engine Compartments
  • Fender Wells
  • All Inner Sheet Metal
  • Undercarriages
  • Power Antennas
  • Engine Rust
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Aluminum Rims, Uncoated
  • Anywhere else on your vehicle that needs protection/lubrication!

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