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Best Way to Remove and Prevent Table Saw Rust

Removing the Rust:

The best way to begin ridding yourself from the red menace we call rust is to break out your sander. Begin sanding as much rust off of the heavily oxidized service as possible, before applying Boeshield Rust Free. Spray Rust Free onto the rusted area and being to wipe off the excess rust with a paper towel, you can also use a scotchbrite pad on harder to clean areas.

Note: Ensure that you have wiped off the access Rust Free to preventing etching.

Rust Prevention:

After you have removed all of the rust from your table saw, it is pertinent to apply a protectant right away. Leaving your exposed metal without a protectant can cause “flash-rusting” within a couple days in high humidity areas. To prevent this, apply Boeshield T9 immediately after cleaning your table saw and rub in with a paper towel.

Why T9?

It works, and it is proven. Better Homes and Garden: Wood performed a test comparing 14 rust cleaners & protectants on cast iron surfaces. Using their humidity simulator, Boeshield T9 was the only protectant that kept the surface rust free during the 24 hour test. Boeshield T9 is the only option to keep your table saw rust free.

Soar Above with Boeshield.

Check out this video on how to use our 3-pack to clean and protect your tools:

For more information on how apply Boeshield to your tools