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How to Lubricate your RV in 15 Minutes

Let’s Talk Preventative Maintenance

Lubricating your RV on a consistent basis is often overlooked and will cause problems down the road (no pun intended) if not done regularly. The last thing I want to hear when we get to the lake are those darn squeaky landing legs, followed by “you remembered to empty the waste tank…right?”. Now, I am sorry to say that I cannot (and will not) offer my services in the #2 department, but I’ll share some of my RV lubrication tips.

Where to Start:

Always begin with best product. Many people can get by using cheap lube, but you want to treat your RV with the best, right? So, I recommend using Boeshield T-9. From my experience, other products do not come close when it comes to penetration, moisture displacement, lasting rust protection and lubrication. Now, we have our lube… let’s get to down to business.

RV Lubrication Routine:

Follow this routine every 3-6 months. It is always better to apply T-9 on a more regular basis if you are using your RV frequently and in climates that cause higher rates of corrosion. Better yet, if you have a servicing schedule, this quick routine is a great addition.

Apply the T-9 to your:
  • Lock cylinders
  • Hinge points on steps
  • Stabilizer jacks
  • 5th wheel landing gear
  • Slideouts 
  • Door hinges 
  • Window tracks
  • Awning hardware
Remember to:
  1. Wipe off the areas you are applying T-9 on before application
  2. After applying T-9, exercise that area to disperse the lube properly

Also, this video done by Mark Polk over at KOA does an excellent job at demonstrating this routine:

Mark has many more RV tips/tricks on his blog so be sure to head their for some great content! For more information on what Boeshield T-9 can do your RV head here!