Why Boeshield T-9®?

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Boeshield T-9® was developed and licensed by The Boeing Company to fill their need for a superior lubricant/protectant.

The formulation, based on a unique combination of solvents and waxes, is designed to penetrate metal pores and dissolve minor corrosion, then leave a resilient waxy coating that lasts for many months.

We began by successfully introducing Boeshield T-9® to the tough saltwater marine market for lubricating and protecting all metals. It works well on engines and deck hardware as well as electronics, batteries and wiring connections. It is non-conductive and will not cause short circuits.

For bicycle chains, T-9® has proven to be a tough, long lasting waterproof lubricant. Our sales keep growing every year despite many competitors.

On woodworking tool surfaces Boeshield T-9® recently topped all other surface treatments in Wood Magazine’s article on Rust Busters*. According to them: “Except for the section treated with Boeshield T-9® all sections have completely rusted over”. “There is only one choice for protectant as far as we’re concerned: Boeshield T-9®”.

We feel we have the best product of its type on the market. In fact, if you think you’ve found a better penetrating lubricant and protectant, let us know, and we will refund your purchase price.

® Trademark and Technology owned and licensed by

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Without a doubt this is the best bicycle lubricant on the market!

Brian Carter posted on our Facebook wall:

Without a doubt this is the best bicycle lubricant on the market! I have lived all over the country and in each place, the mechanics at the shops are always amazed at the condition of my drive train. Riding over 7k per year, I have not had a single mechanical incident!

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New video review from RV.net

Check out this new video review from RV.net.



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The bike I reserve for riding in the rain is coated with this stuff!

The blog All Seasons Cyclist posted a great review of Boeshield T-9:

The first time I saw a can of Boeshield T-9 in a bike shop I was a bit surprised because I had several cans of it in my garage but had never even thought of using it on my bikes. I live between Chicago and Milwaukee and all of my woodworking tools are stored in an unheated garage, so to keep them from rusting I spray them with Boeshield T-9. I also use it on my snow-blower (and it got a tremendous workout this past winter). My favorite use for it had always been on my table saw—not only did it keep the surface from rusting, but it provided an extremely slick surface for the wood to slide over….

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15 Years and Counting!

I discovered Boeshield when I was a Marine Electronics editor (for national magazines) in the early 1990′s. The folks at Boeshield gave me 2 4oz cans that I hoarded for years before the Internet came along.

I guarantee Boeshield out-performs any lubricant for protection and freeing up frozen parts. Buy with confidence!

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T-9® Is Mighty Fine!

use it to safeguard my Denali 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw from Michigan’s variable weather extremes. It does what it says and does it well. T-9 actually loosens rusted parts, and because it won’t harm paints, plastics, or vinyls, you can safely use it without having to be extremely precise about where its coverage is going. It will protect your tools for months at a time. T-9 corrosion protection is widely used for air, sea and land equipment. It’s a small price to pay to safeguard your tools. ~ The Boss

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Great for long-term storage

I needed to place a table saw and jointer in storage while doing a two year overseas tour of duty. Based upon advice from Delta, I sprayed a thin coat of this on my table saw and jointer surfaces then rubbed it in. Repeated once more then sprayed on a heavy coat and let it sit.

After returning from overseas and getting the tools out of storage I found that the material was still tacky and had collected quite a bit of dust. Fifteen minutes with a scotch-brite pad and some mineral spirits removed all the T-9 and revealed two perfectly preserved tool surfaces.

Considering these tools were stored in coastal New England with no climate control, I was extraordinarily impressed. Some hidden areas of the table saw that had not been given the same treatment were coated with a layer of rust that would have been disastrous had it been on the working surface.

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Best stuff for bikes

Great for lubing smaller bike parts and keeping steel frames from rusting – this stuff is Sold by Bike Friday in Oregon for their folding bikes – it is usually not in bike shops – but it is GREAT on smaller bike parts (shifters cables and inside the frame)

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Best rust preventer ever invented

If you are looking for a good rust preventer, this is the best. I use it on my shop tools and am totally rust free.

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All I can say is WOW!

I have a small garage shop with not a few cast iron tools sitting around. During certain times of the year I have a problem with humidity and surface rust. This Boeshield T-9 spray is a good solution! Though I used to use a lot of WD40 and steel wool to keep the rust at bay, this stuff is way better. While the surface is rust free, spray the T-9 on and let it sit a while and then rub it off with a clean rag. The surface is then lubricated and coated to prevent further rust. Wood GLIDES across the metal after a treatment of T-9. Buy some – you will love it!!!

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